We've not forgotten our roots. ExpressionEngine has been our go to CMS platform since our inception in 2010 and it doesn't stop there with our selection of maintenance and support contracts.

Our ExpressionEngine Service

ExpressionEngine is a powerful and flexible Content Management System with a solid, well supported foundation. ExpressionEngine allows you to fully keep control of your site design and content with relative limitless potential.


We keep your site running smoothly, and any downtime is kept to a bare minimum.


We perform all ExpressionEngine and add-on upgrades out of hours to ensure that your site suffers no downtime.


We use tools such as Pingdom and Atatus to maintain and support your site, ensuring optimum performance at all times.


With over 12 years experience in ExpressionEngine, we bring life to your ideas and plans, from small tweaks to major updates.

Annual Maintenance Plans

Now that your site has been built, you need to nurture it. Treat your website like a sales employee - if you look after your investment, it'll look after you



Per Month

Offsite backups
Ongoing software upgrades
Regular reactive monitoring
Full upgrade assessment
Site security assessment and retro-fix
1 hour inclusive hands on time
10% reduction on our hourly rate



Per Month

Bronze Plan PLUS

Live Proactive monitoring
Monthly performance reports
Recommended improvements
4 hours inclusive hands on time
15% reduction on our hourly rate



Per Month

Silver Plan PLUS

Transactional email services
Managed Cloud Hosting
SSL Certificate
Full EE2 to EE5 Upgrade
6 hours inclusive hands on time
20% reduction on our hourly rate

Need something else? Talk to us about bespoke package tailored to your precise needs

Upgrade Assessments

If you want to upgrade ExpressionEngine, we can help


Fixed Fee

ExpressionEngine v2 was retired October 13, 2016. After this date, the system is no longer receiving updates. ExpressionEngine v3 has now entered End of Life (EoL) phase and will be retired December 14, 2018. With the launch of ExpressionEngine v5, v4 is now End of Life and due to be retired on November 16, 2019.

If you're not sure of the consequences of doing that upgrade, we can perform a full site audit and advise you on the best way to perform the update, what add-on incompatibilities there might be and give you an upgrade path to the latest and greatest version.

There is no magic bullet when it comes to upgrades. Not all v2 add-ons have been upgraded to v3 or v4 and there is no magic bullet to achieve this. However, with a combination of custom development and reworking of existing functionality, we're confident that all sites can be efficiently upgraded.

The best thing of all is that once we've supplied the assessment, if you then decide to work with us to action your upgrade path, we'll refund 100% of the Assessment fee!


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