How many times have you started an EE build and you always end up missing a folder or a file out?

i originally wrote an EE1 version of this shell script based on the list of files and folders published in the ExpressionEngine build docs, which set the permissions for us. It's a relatively straightforward process, once you've uploaded the ExpressionEngine files, simply upload the script file into your sites root folder, give the file 'execute permissions (CHMOD 777 and then execute it by running:


Finally, I got around to writing an EE2.x version - however, instead of releasing a version 2.1 script only, I've updated the version 1 script to now include both version 1 AND version 2 by way of two simple questions.

Name of System Folder (defaults to 'system') and ExpressionEngine Version Number (defaults to version 2).

Feel free to download here - there's no license on it, you are happy to do with it as you see fit - if you find a tweak on it, feel free to send it to me and I'll update this post.