LibrarEE is a game changer for rapid ExpressionEngine development.

For years we've all used templates as files and developed using our favourite editor. With the launch of version 2, we've had snippets thrown upon us which has also highlighted global variables. Unfortunately, these are still developed in the browser meaning it's near on impossible to integrate these with your editor and/or version control system. In September 2010, Made by Hippo launched 'Snippet Files' - which bridged the gap for developers wanting to work with snippets and variables. An accessory which allows the developer to create text files (*.snip and *.glob) and synchronise with the database with a click of the mouse!

In December 2010, a collaborative effort between Carl Crawley (Made by Hippo) and Nico de Gols (Hired Guns) brings you the next evolution to Snippet Files. Introducing LibrarEE.

Supports snippets, global variables and specialty templates!

Yes, thats right! LibrarEE supports not only snippets and global variables, but also specialty templates! Now you can create/edit your offline_site template, your 'forgot password' email and even your member templates - direct in your editor of choice!

Changes autosync!

LibrarEE automatically syncs the file changes into the database upon reload of your site meaning rapid development truly is rapid! The system will also sync changes back to the file should you make a change direct in the CP - all on the fly!

Specialty templates now parse as regular site templates!

Include latest news, event listings, company info etc.. in all your member communication.  For example, include previews to previously sent newsletters in the newsletter subscription email. Thats right, we've given specialty templates the ability to parse standard template tags, PHP  and will even parse embedded templates, snippets and global variables on the fly! Not only this, but the CP module allows you to 'view' your specialty templates as rendered html/text - allowing you to see 'exactly' what the user will see.

Sends out beautiful user notification emails

Easily setup email notification templates which can be styled just as the design of the site.  No more dull, text-only emails notifying your visitors about newly posted comments, forgotten paswords etc..  Keep your visitors in the loop by adding latest news posts and general information inside these templates. To top it all off, we've also added the support to allow you to view your rendered Speciality Templates directly from the module to make life even easier.