RSS Feedr

An RSS aggregator on steroids!

Feedr allows you to aggregate limitless numbers of RSS providers into a single feed using a simple admin interface.

Manual or Automatic
Specify whether you want all RSS feed entries to be pulled and aggregated or enable a manual provider and cherry pick the articles that you feel your readers will appreciate.

Caching Built-in
Remote RSS Feeds are cached locally to reduce http traffic with the ability to increase or decrease the caching with a simple config override. Feed entries are stored in the database for easy retrieval and storage.

Natural English Date Retrieval
Want only the entries that have been published in the last hour or over the last 24 hours? Not a problem with Feedrs ability to convert natural english datetimes. simply specify "1 hour" or "24 hours" and Feedr will calculate that time and ensure your feed is constantly fresh and up to date.

Supports DevDemon Updater!
Simply Drop it into DevDemon Updater and it'll install for you!