If you're using ExpressionEngine you are already using add-ons to connect with other web applications and do things that the core platform can't do alone. Imagine being able to change these to fit your exact needs. That's what we do!

  • Store Bulk Discounts

    ExpressionEngine, e-commerce, exp-resso, Addons

    Enables the ability for you to set up bulk pricing with Store 2.x - This add-on has been completely rewritten with Matrix and Grid Support.

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  • Store Admin Carts

    ExpressionEngine, e-commerce, Addons

    Enables Admin to create carts for Exp-resso Store and save them in the system for users to load on the front-end.

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  • RSS Feedr

    ExpressionEngine, Addons, rss, aggregator

    A Multi-Feed RSS Aggregator which allows you to specify automatic and manual feed pulls to enable you to cherry pick RSS feed entries at your discretion. Supports Natural English date referencing so you can retrieve entries since "1 hour" or "2 days". User definable caching of RSS feeds and custom limits with relatively limitless RSS feed aggregation abilities.

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  • Tubesock

    youtube, ee2, Addons

    This fieldtype creates a dynamic list of videos from a YouTube channel entry to enable easy linking in your channel entry.

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  • AdManager

    banner ads, Addons, php, ee2

    A relative newcomer - AdManager is already celebrating success with sites all around the world using this ExpressionEngine module. AdManager lets you schedule ads, set automated expiries, track impressions and click, obtain individual or collective cost-per-click and click-thru-rate, define sort orders or set random ad displays.

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  • LibrarEE

    snippets, variables, ee2, Addons

    Our original and most popular add-on! Libraree is an ExpressionEngine module which helps designers and developers to interact with snippets, global variables and specialty templates as files rather that in the browser as well as enabling you to embed PHP and ExpressionEngine code directly into your specialty templates.

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  • Date/Time Language Converter

    multilingual, php, Addons, ee1, ee2

    This simple but effective add-on allows you to convert your ExpressionEngine date/time entries into any language that your server supports. It features dynamic conversion of date/time on the fly - a must for any multi-lingual website!

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